Couples Sensual Massage in Johannesburg

couples sensual massage

Some specialist masseuses and massage venues offer couples sensual massage in Johannesburg. This allows couples to indulge in a massage session together, which can enhance intimacy in a relationship and strengthen the bond between the couple.

There are different configurations of couples sensual massage on offer. Some venues offer a male and female therapist, so that the female client is massaged by the male therapist and the male client is massaged by the female therapist. Other venues offer two female therapists for the session.

The session is usually done using two massage tables which are situated side-by-side, but can also be done on a large bed.

It can be a highly erotic experience to watch one’s partner being pleasured by a therapist, whilst also receiving pleasure at the same time.

The cost for such a session is normally double the normal massage cost. For instance, if a massage for one person for an hour is R850, the session for both partners would be R1 700.

A couples sensual massage session usually ends with each partner receiving a pelvic massage from the masseuse which culminates in an orgasm. For the male recipient, this is known as a ligham massage, whereas it is known as a yoni massage for the female recipient. However, the session can also end with the couple getting intimate with each other (and either touching one another or having sexual intercourse) while the masseuses either remain in the room and participate in the intimacy, or leave the room to give the clients some alone-time and privacy.