Doubles Sensual Massage in Johannesburg

doubles sensual massage

Some massage venues offer a doubles sensual massage, which is sometimes known as a four hands massage. It involves two masseuses massaging the client during the session.

There are different variations of how the session unfolds. Some sessions involve each masseuse giving the client a pelvic massage – one masseuse does so at the start of the session, and the other does so at the end of the session. Other sessions involve both masseuses participating in the pelvic massage at the end of the session.

Some masseuses are more comfortable working with each other, and can sometimes include touching of one another during the session. This provides the client with a visual and highly erotic show. Depending on the limitations and personal boundaries of the masseuses, the client may also be allowed to touch the masseuses during the session.

In terms of cost, most venues charge the full fee for each masseuse, meaning that the client pays double the normal massage cost. However, some venues offer a special rate for doubles sessions, with a cost lower than the full cost of both masseuses.

A typical doubles sensual massage session lasts at least 45 minutes, as shorter sessions with two masseuses are generally not feasible.