Edging in Johannesburg

edging in johannesburg

Edging is a practice which involves the use of different techniques on the pelvic area to prolong pleasure and delay orgasm, by building up the intensity and then dropping it multiple times. It can be done during self-stimulation (masturbation) or during a genital massage by a masseuse. Certain masseuses offer edging in Johannesburg which is included as part of their offerings.

 It can be done on men and women, but more often than not, it is done on men.

Some massage providers offer sessions which consist exclusively of edging, and do not include a massage of other parts of the body, whilst others offer edging towards the end of the massage session. An edging session can vary in duration from as short as 20 minutes to as long as an hour or even more. It is a specialist service, and not all masseuses who claim to offer it, actually provide a true edging session. Look through the profiles in the various areas in this site to find a masseuse who specialises in edging in Johannesburg.

Some of the benefits of edging include extended pleasure, feelings of enhanced well-being, and increased intensity in orgasm.

A typical session consists of six parts:

  1. Initial stimulation. This part involves becoming erect and starting the pleasuring process.
  2. Building arousal.  This part involves continuing to stroke the penis, but avoiding areas that are particularly sensitive like the head.
  3. Stopping and dropping down. This part involves taking a brief intermittent break and slowing things down.
  4. Building back up. This part involves gradually climbing back up to just before the point of orgasm.
  5. Repeat parts 3 to 4. Each time you do so, get closer to a high level (but not to the point of orgasm) and drop down.
  6. Reach the point of orgasm. This is done at the end of the prolonged edging session, and culminates in a highly intense climax.

To get a  better idea of what an edging session entails before you book a massage with edging in Johannesburg, check out this video: