Should I visit a massage venue or a private masseuse?

massage venue

One of the most important decisions to make when going for a sensual massage, is whether to visit a venue or a private masseuse.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both options.

A massage venue is run as a business. It typically has rooms that are used for massage. It usually has a group of masseuses (anything between 3 and 20, depending on the venue size). Most venues allow clients to arrive without a booking, to view the available masseuses  and to select a masseuse.

The advantages of visiting a massage venue include the following:

  • The pricing model is set and not subject to change, so there is certainty regarding the cost.
  • The masseuses are usually trained when joining a venue, which means that clients are normally assured of a high level of service.
  • Venues with a large selection of masseuses give clients a wide range of choices.

There are also some down-sides to venues. The main down-side is the low level of privacy. One can often bump into other clients on the way in or out of the venue. Some venues also have shared facilities such as shared communal showers. This can result in clients also bumping into one another, and in a lower level of cleanliness in the shower facilities.

Private masseuses usually operate out of their own apartment or property, and in some cases, out of a guesthouse or hotel. The advantages of visiting a private masseuse include the following:

  • There is usually a greater level of privacy, as the client does not bump into other clients.
  • There can also be a greater level of hygiene, as the facilities such as showers are not used by many clients in the same venue.
  • Private masseuses are often more relaxed and less rushed than masseuses at venues, as private masseuses work for themselves and do not have the venue management ensuring that they finish the session within a specific time.

Some of the disadvantages of visiting a private masseuse, include the fact that there is not a choice of different women, and the uncertainty regarding whether or not the client will find the masseuse attractive. Many masseuses’ online advertisements do not include pictures of their faces for privacy reasons, so the client visiting a private masseuse for the first time often does not known what to expect. There can also be uncertainty regarding the quality of the services that are received from a private masseuse, as the masseuse may not have the same level of skill and training as one who has been trained at a venue.

Ultimately, it is a matter of personal choice whether or not to visit a massage venue or a private masseuse.