Outcall sensual massage in Johannesburg

outcall sensual massage

There are a number of masseuses who offer outcall sensual massage in Johannesburg. These are masseuses who travel to their clients and perform their services at a venue provided by the clients.

This has a number of benefits. It adds a level of convenience and privacy for the clients, who do not have the risk of bumping into other punters (which can often happen at busy massage venues, and can be uncomfortable and embarrassing).

It can also benefit the masseuse if she does not have a venue readily available, or if she saves on the costs of booking her own venue (such as a guesthouse / hotel) or on splitting the massage fee with the venue from which she operates.

Certain masseuses who offer outcall sensual massage only visit hotels, whilst others are willing to travel to clients’ homes. Some massage venues also send their masseuses out to clients.

There is often a cost premium associated with having the masseuse travel to you. This can range from as little is R250 extra (over and above the ordinary massage fee) to cover the costs of driving to and from the client, to R1000 or more (in addition to the massage fee).

Certain masseuses travel with portable massage tables which can be folded up and transported in a vehicle. However, most only bring massage oils and perform the massage on the client’s bed or on the client’s own massage table (when this is available). It is advisable to inquire with the masseuse beforehand whether she will be bringing her own equipment.

A risk in hiring a masseuse for outcall sensual massage is that the client will usually have to decide, in advance, on which masseuse he wants to book based on pictures on the internet (which can sometimes be in accurate), rather than being able to meet a selection of masseuses in person and choosing from that selection. Most massage venues allow clients to meet the available ladies before the booking and choosing their preferred masseuse from a “line-up”. This also allows the client to see if he has a connection with the masseuse before the booking.

Ultimately, it is a matter of personal preference and cost whether to book an outcall or incall sensual massage.