Sensual Massage for Women in Johannesburg

sensual massage for women

Some massage venues in Johannesburg offer sensual massage for women as part of their treatment offerings. These can be done by either a male or a female masseuse. There are also private masseuses who offer this.

In European countries, it has been far more common for women to go for sensual massages as there is an open-minded culture which embraces sensuality and does not stigmatise it.

While most erotic massage clients in South Africa are men, there has been a steady increase in demand for services by women. This is because South African women, who were traditionally very conservative, are becoming more open-minded and willing to explore different types of sensuality including sensual massage.

A sensual massage for women typically involves the client lying face-down in the plinth while the masseuse starts off by massaging her shoulders, back, legs and buttocks. This may include sensual strokes by the masseuse on the inside of the client’s thighs, and the masseuse’s hand gently grazing the client’s labia.

The client is then asked to turn around and lie on her back, and the masseuse proceeds to pour oil over the front of her body and to massage her front. This can include pelvic stimulation by hand or using a vibrator or other toys, and often culminates in an orgasm.

It is important, before booking a massage, for the client to let the masseuse know her expectations and her limitations, as this will ensure that the client is comfortable with whatever takes place during the session and that the session is all that she hopes for it to be.