Sensual Massage Specials in Johannesburg

sensual massage specials

Given the challenging economic situation at the moment, many clients can no longer sustain the cost of regular sensual massage sessions. Some masseuses and venues offer sensual massage specials.

The types of specials on offer vary. Some venues offer discounted rates for 45 minute and 60 minute sessions on certain days of the week. The prices range from R450 for 45 minutes to R550 for 60 minutes (with some venues being slightly lower or higher than this). There are also sunrise and sunset specials on offer (discounted prices for massages early in the morning or late in the evening). These are typically the quieter periods for venues, which is why they offer these specials.

Some masseuses and venues also offer discounted rates and sensual massage specials for much shorter sessions. These range from as low as R200 to R350 for a “hit and run”or “quickie”session, which only includes a lingham (pelvic) massage. These sessions range from 10 minutes to 20 minutes in duration.

Masseuses and venues are always looking for ways to attract new customers. Some of the innovative specials on offer include birthday specials (a discounted rate on the client’s birthday if the client produces his ID to prove that it is in fact his birthday). Others have introduced loyalty programs which allow the client to receive a free session after a certain number of paid sessions (usually one free session for every 10 paid sessions).

 Lastly, some masseuses offer package deals, where the client pays upfront for a number of massages (for example, a single lump sum amount for 5 sessions) at a discounted rate compared to the full cost if each session was paid for separately. This model is usually best for clients who know the masseuse and are already regulars, so that they know what they are paying for and can be sure that the masseuse will honour the deal by providing all of the included massages.