What is a mutual massage?

mutual massage

Certain masseuses provide clients with the option of having a mutual massage during the session. This involves the client giving the masseuse a massage, either before or after she massages him. 

There can sometimes be an extra cost associated with a mutual massage, as some masseuses have strict boundaries during their standard massage service and do not allow the clients to touch them without this being part of the services ordered.

However, some masseuses are open to allowing clients to massage them at no extra cost, and some even prefer this as it means less work for the masseuse during the allotted session time, and sometimes it can even be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for the masseuse to receive a massage (although in reality, most clients are not skilled in the art of massage and would not know how to give the masseuse a proper massage).

If the masseuse does not advertise mutual massage as part of her service offerings, it is best to ask her up-front if you can massage her, and if touching of her erogenous areas is allowed. She may find it very offensive if you don’t respect her boundaries or touch her in areas that are off-limits, so it is best to find out up-front what her limitations and boundaries. This can avoid an awkward and unpleasant confrontation halfway through the session, which can put a real dampener on an otherwise enjoyable experience.

That being said, it can be highly erotic and arousing to give the masseuse a massage, as the client can then explore the masseuse’s body, which may include touching her erogenous zones. It is also a very erotic sight to have the masseuse nude on the massage table and be able to touch and stroke her body, and then to end off the session with the masseuse touching you.