What is a sensual massage?

sensual massage

Sensual massage is a practice which combines the art of touch with elements of tantra and eroticism. It is usually practiced by females masseuses on male clients, but there are male masseuses who offer it to male or female clients, and female masseuses who cater for female clients.

A typical session involves the client and the masseuse being nude. The client starts off by taking a shower, and then after drying off, lies face-down on the massage table.

The masseuse starts off with a back massage which includes the shoulders, lower back, buttocks and legs. This is usually done using massage oils (either scented or unscented).

Some masseuses provide a body to body massage on the client while he is face down, by using her body to massage the back of the client’s body. This often leads to a heightened state of arousal for the client.

The masseuse then asks the client to turn over. During this part of the sensual massage, the client has sight of the masseuse’s body, and the masseuse will normally start off by rubbing massage oils over the client’s legs around the client’s private parts, which are by this point in a heightened state of arousal. The masseuse then proceeds to administer a lingam massage (massage of the male genital area), which is highly pleasurable and erotic. This may include using her hands, breasts and other parts of her body to administer touch to the are.

Some masseuses are able to prolong this part of the session through a variety of techniques known as edging techniques which can be highly pleasurable, and this part of the massage can last anything between 5 minutes and 20 minutes. The process normally culminates in an orgasm by the client.

After the session, many masseuses administer baby powder to absorb the oils from the client’s body, after whic the client will usually be invited to shower.