Sensual massage discounts in Johannesburg

sensual massage discounts

With clients being under increased financial pressure due to the economy, many venues and masseuses are offering sensual massage discounts and deals to entice clients to make bookings. These offers are also aimed at giving venues and masseuses a competitive edge, as clients are spoiled for choice when it comes to sensual massage options and […]

Sensual Massage for Women in Johannesburg

sensual massage for women

Some massage venues in Johannesburg offer sensual massage for women as part of their treatment offerings. These can be done by either a male or a female masseuse. There are also private masseuses who offer this. In European countries, it has been far more common for women to go for sensual massages as there is […]

Doubles Sensual Massage in Johannesburg

doubles sensual massage

Some massage venues offer a doubles sensual massage, which is sometimes known as a four hands massage. It involves two masseuses massaging the client during the session. There are different variations of how the session unfolds. Some sessions involve each masseuse giving the client a pelvic massage – one masseuse does so at the start […]

Edging in Johannesburg

edging in johannesburg

Edging is a practice which involves the use of different techniques on the pelvic area to prolong pleasure and delay orgasm, by building up the intensity and then dropping it multiple times. It can be done during self-stimulation (masturbation) or during a genital massage by a masseuse. Certain masseuses offer edging in Johannesburg which is […]

What is a mutual massage?

mutual massage

Certain masseuses provide clients with the option of having a mutual massage during the session. This involves the client giving the masseuse a massage, either before or after she massages him.  There can sometimes be an extra cost associated with a mutual massage, as some masseuses have strict boundaries during their standard massage service and […]

Etiquette during a sensual massage

etiquette during a sensual massage

It is important to be aware of appropriate etiquette during a sensual massage in order not to offend the masseuse or break any rules of the venue. This includes whether or not to touch the masseuse (either above or below the belt) and kissing. The first and most important rule is to respect the masseuse’s […]

We now have a reviews function


We have introduced a reviews function on our ladies’ profiles which allows you to leave a review detailing your experience with the ladies on our site. The reviews include a star rating of up between one and five stars, and a section to detail your experience during the booking. The reviews function is aimed at […]

The coronavirus risks of a sensual massage

coronavirus risks of a sensual massage

During the initial hard lockdown, all masseuses including sensual masseuses stopped offering their services completely, but this gradually recommenced after the lockdown restrictions were lifted. However, some clients remain concerned about the coronavirus risks of a sensual massage, and are interested in ways to reduce and manage those risks. Because all forms of massage involve […]

The art of Nuru Massage

nuru massage

Nuru massage is a type of erotic massage technique that originated in Japan. It is a unique style of massage because it involves the use of nuru gel, which is a slippery, clear odorless gel. The gel is derived from the leaves of the brown seaweed plant, and can be purchased online from speciality importers […]

Outcall sensual massage in Johannesburg

outcall sensual massage

There are a number of masseuses who offer outcall sensual massage in Johannesburg. These are masseuses who travel to their clients and perform their services at a venue provided by the clients. This has a number of benefits. It adds a level of convenience and privacy for the clients, who do not have the risk […]

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