Etiquette during a sensual massage

etiquette during a sensual massage

It is important to be aware of appropriate etiquette during a sensual massage in order not to offend the masseuse or break any rules of the venue. This includes whether or not to touch the masseuse (either above or below the belt) and kissing.

The first and most important rule is to respect the masseuse’s boundaries. Each masseuse has her own limitations, and these should be clarified up-front.

While some masseuses allow touching, it should not be assumed that this is allowed in every session. Some masseuses offer a mutual massage (often at a different price) during which the client is allowed to touch and explore the masseuse. Others allow touching as part of their standard offering, while some do not allow touching at all, or only allow touching of their breasts.

Most masseuses do not allow kissing, and some will only allow this for their regulars (clients who visit them on a regular basis).

It should be assumed that the masseuse does not offer extras (oral sex or full house). She is in the massage business and she is not an escort. Despite this, many clients take a chance and ask for extras. This can be offensive and awkward for the masseuse.

With regard to the pelvic massage, some masseuses use their breasts or other body parts instead of only their hands. However, once again, this should not be assumed by the client, and if it is not clarified up-front, the client should take the lead from the masseuse during the session.

Ultimately, it is important to bear in mind that the masseuse is providing a service and will have her own rules and principles on what that service includes, and what is allowed and not allowed. In order to ensure that one follows appropriate etiquette during a sensual massage, the client should let the masseuse guide the process.