Sensual Massage with Extras

sensual massage with extras

A sensual massage with extras, includes additional elements which do not form part of a standard sensual massage offering. While a “happy ending” is part of a normal session, some masseuses offer additional services which are usually charged as an added cost in addition to the basic massage price.

These can include touching of the masseuse (if she does not normally allow touching), an extra hand relief (which could be at the start of the session), a prostate massage, a boob job or even oral sex. It can also include the client cumming on the masseuse’s breasts or another part of her body, or a ‘facial’ where he cums on her face.

The costs of extras vary from masseuse to masseuse, and if they are on offer, the masseuse will normally make this known at the beginning of the session or early into the session. The cost for extras can range from R100 to over R1 000 (over and above the standard massage pricing).

Even where the masseuse does not charge an extra fee for extras, there is often an expectation that the client will leave her a monetary tip to compensate her for the extras. This us usually between R100 and R500, depending on how generous the client is feeling and how enjoyable the session was.

While massage venues take around half of the fee for a massage session, masseuses normally get to keep the amount paid for extras, or the tip, to themselves without having to share it with the venue. As a result, it can be very lucrative to offer a sensual massage with extras, and many masseuses do so even if this is not officially advertised by them or officially allowed by the venue. Many venues turn a blind eye to this as long as it is keeping their clients happy and coming back for more bookings.