Four hands massage

A four hands massage is an experience that all sensual massage clients should try out at least once.  It involves two masseuses simultaneously massaging the client (hence the four hands being involved in the massage). When done right, it is a true sensory and sensual feast, both visually and through the touch involved. Often the […]

Happy ending massage for women

With women becoming more sexually liberated, many modern-day women are open to experiencing a happy ending massage for women.

With women becoming more sexually liberated, many modern-day women are open to experiencing a happy ending massage for women. The taboo associated with the practice has reduced, and just like men who visit sensual massage spa’s to experience intimacy and pleasure, women are increasingly making use of erotic services offered at massage venues and by […]

Sensual massage with toys

sensual massage with toys

Some masseuses offer a sensual massage with toys. This incorporates an extra dimension into the sensual part of the massage, and can result in higher levels of intensity. Usually, this involves the masseuse using a vibrator on the client, either in the perineum region (right below the testicles) or on the shaft of the penis […]

Sensual masseuse reviews

When deciding which masseuse to book with, the first thing that most people look at is their advertisements. However, this can sometimes lead to disappointment, as masseuses can over-promise to secure bookings, and then under-deliver in the session. This is why sensual masseuse reviews (reviews by previous clients) can help. These reviews will give potential […]

Sensual Massage with Extras

sensual massage with extras

A sensual massage with extras, includes additional elements which do not form part of a standard sensual massage offering. While a “happy ending” is part of a normal session, some masseuses offer additional services which are usually charged as an added cost in addition to the basic massage price. These can include touching of the […]

What is an Edging Session

Edging is a practice which involves the use of different techniques on the pelvic area to prolong pleasure and delay orgasm, by building up the intensity and then dropping it multiple times. It can be done during self-stimulation (masturbation) or during a genital massage by a masseuse. Certain masseuses include an edging session as part […]

Tantric Massage vs Sensual Massage

tantric massage

Some masseuses offer tantric massage as part of their service offerings. This is different from a traditional sensual massage in a number of ways, and it is important to understand the differences in order to know what to expect when attending a session. A tantric massage is more focussed on energy between the masseuse and […]

The coronavirus risks of a sensual massage

coronavirus risks of a sensual massage

During the initial hard lockdown, all masseuses including sensual masseuses stopped offering their services completely, but this gradually recommenced after the lockdown restrictions were lifted. However, some clients remain concerned about the coronavirus risks of a sensual massage, and are interested in ways to reduce and manage those risks. Because all forms of massage involve […]

Etiquette during a sensual massage

etiquette during a sensual massage

It is important to be aware of appropriate etiquette during a sensual massage in order not to offend the masseuse or break any rules of the venue. This includes whether or not to touch the masseuse (either above or below the belt) and kissing. The first and most important rule is to respect the masseuse’s […]

What is a mutual massage?

mutual massage

Certain masseuses provide clients with the option of having a mutual massage during the session. This involves the client giving the masseuse a massage, either before or after she massages him.  There can sometimes be an extra cost associated with a mutual massage, as some masseuses have strict boundaries during their standard massage service and […]

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