Doubles Sensual Massage in Johannesburg

doubles sensual massage

Some massage venues offer a doubles sensual massage, which is sometimes known as a four hands massage. It involves two masseuses massaging the client during the session. There are different variations of how the session unfolds. Some sessions involve each masseuse giving the client a pelvic massage – one masseuse does so at the start […]

Edging in Johannesburg

edging in johannesburg

Edging is a practice which involves the use of different techniques on the pelvic area to prolong pleasure and delay orgasm, by building up the intensity and then dropping it multiple times. It can be done during self-stimulation (masturbation) or during a genital massage by a masseuse. Certain masseuses offer edging in Johannesburg which is […]

What is a mutual massage?

mutual massage

Certain masseuses provide clients with the option of having a mutual massage during the session. This involves the client giving the masseuse a massage, either before or after she massages him.  There can sometimes be an extra cost associated with a mutual massage, as some masseuses have strict boundaries during their standard massage service and […]

Natalie @ Sir’s – Hyde Park

Natalie Sir's

Description of services: Natalie exudes sophistication, sensuality and playfulness. Your pleasure is her pleasure. Area: Hyde Park Age: 34 Tel: 064 131 1700 / 078 268 4294

Cleo @ Sir’s – Hyde Park


Description of services: Be entertained by this warm, bubbly, seductive therapist with curves in all the right places. Area: Hyde Park Age: 40 Tel: 064 131 1700 / 078 268 4294

Lilly @ Sir’s – Hyde Park

Lilly Sir's

Description of services: An elegant, sensual lady who will massage your stresses away. Area: Hyde Park Age: 23 Tel: 064 131 1700 / 078 268 4294

Celine @ Sir’s – Hyde Park


Description of services: Let this beauty take you to heaven and back with her sensual touch. Area: Hyde Park Age: 22 Tel: 064 131 1700 / 078 268 4294

Storm @ Sir’s – Hyde Park


Description of services: A beautiful young masseuse with a magical touch. Area: Hyde Park Age: 21 Tel: 064 131 1700 / 078 268 4294

Mandy @ Sir’s – Hyde Park

Mandy Sir's

Description of services: A petite masseuse to make all your stress melt away and keep you coming back for more. Area: Hyde Park Age: 41 Tel: 064 131 1700 / 078 268 4294

Sam @ Sir’s – Hyde Park


Description of services: A bubbly blonde masseuse to relieve your tension and take you on an adventure of a lifetime. Area: Hyde Park Age: 40 Tel: 064 131 1700 / 078 268 4294

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