The coronavirus risks of a sensual massage

coronavirus risks of a sensual massage

During the initial hard lockdown, all masseuses including sensual masseuses stopped offering their services completely, but this gradually recommenced after the lockdown restrictions were lifted. However, some clients remain concerned about the coronavirus risks of a sensual massage, and are interested in ways to reduce and manage those risks.

Because all forms of massage involve close contact between the masseuse and the client, there are risks of transmitting coronavirus to or from the masseuse during a massage session. There are also risks that previous clients with coronavirus may have left some traces of the virus on the massage table, which may infect future clients. The risks may be heightened by the fact that the masseuse sees many clients per week, which results in the masseuse being at higher risk than the average person of contracting and spreading the virus. This is why the restrictions on massage services were among the last one to be lifted by the government when the lockdown restrictions were eased for different activities.

The coronavirus risks of a sensual massage can be reduced in a number of ways (albeit that they can’t be completely eliminated in all cases). Risk reductions steps that can be taken, include the following:

  • the masseuse and the client wearing masks throughout the massage
  • the masseuse showering and thoroughly disinfecting her hands between clients
  • the masseuse changing the towels and sheets on the massage table and disinfectign the massage table between clients
  • the masseuse avoiding kissing the client and not allowing the client to kiss her (which is sometimes part of a sensual massage)
  • the masseuse limiting the number of clients she seeks per day
  • the masseuse going for coronavirus tests at regular intervals
  • the masseuse doing temperature checks and screenings on herself and her clients, and not performing any services if there are any coronavirus symptoms or risk factors present

Given that masseuses have to earn a living and could not keep their operations shut down indefinitely, most of them are fully operational again. As long as they maintain the above protocols, this will assist (to a great extent) in protecting them and their clients from the coronavirus risks of a sensual massage.